We totally understand that sex, pleasure are not high on your priority list. In fact, this is no fault of your own, we are conditioned from birth that sex is taboo, something to fear and feel shame around, particularly if we don’t fit in the ‘normal’ category when it comes to our desires.

It doesn’t have to be like that though, if you are willing to look more deeply into this amazing world, explore your wants, throw a cog in the social messaging that surrounds us – then pleasure is at your fingertips.


Prioritise your pleasure

Get our your calendar and schedule in some time. The time is for YOU to think about sex and to build a habit around prioritising those thoughts and feelings more often. Read a few pages of a book (educational or erotic), watch a TedX talk about relationships or do some research into sex toys. What you do, is up to you, it is building the habit that is important.


If you have a partner, you can book in some time together to discuss pleasure. The time doesn’t need to end in sex, but relax with the flow and see what happens.