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21st Century Sex Education

We are not born knowing,  our relationship with sex is learnt!

From our experiences in life, from social norms and social understanding, from myths and incorrect outdated science. Our relationship with sex is a learnt behaviour, one which can be limiting us, limiting our pleasure, making us feal shame, fear and embarrassment, creating a place where we hide from our wants and desires. I want YOU to experience the best pleasure of your life, whatever that might look like. Start looking after your sexual self, embrace your body, explore and discover the amazing world around us. 

Let’s talk about sex, pleasure, intimacy, desire.

Sex education, coaching and support can make a real change to your life, with yourself, with partners, with friends, family and colleagues. This world of pleasure, desire, intimacy is NOT just about the physical. It is about finding out who we are, and enjoying the life that we have been given.

Spending time on ourselves is a gift that will bring you pleasure for years to come, it is nothing short of eye-opening and life changing. Even cycle-breaking as we pass on our knowledge to the next generation, without fear and shame in the mix.

How we can work together.

My mission is to support you, creating safe, non-judgemental spaces where we can open up the conversation. 

Let’s have a conversation

01. Discover the Sexual You! Let’s delve into the values that shape you

Discover, awaken, reconnect to the true sexual self! Our values and our beliefs, our experiences that we grew up with, our culture and media influences, all build a picture of our sexual self. The problem lies when these are limiting us to be our best authentic selves.

02. Personalised Coaching for Women and Couples

Understand who you truly are, actually ‘want’ sex again, boost your confidence, become more deeply connected to your partner, address sexual questions and concerns and best of all explore this world safely, with a little fun thrown in!

03. Sex Education and Coaching designed for Parents of TEENS

I’m passionate about ensuring our youth receive the best education when it comes to sex and pleasure. And what they receive at school is NOT the answer, YOU ARE! If you are a parent, struggling with awkward conversations or questioning what you are doing, then let’s chat.

I want to take a second just to highlight one more thing, what this is NOT…… is not a space where I tell you what you should be doing to be ‘normal’, your individuality is cherished and worshipped. This is not a place where you’ll do a quiz to work out how many times a week you should be having sex, or whether your partner is the right sexual fit for you. It is not a place where you will be given a ‘position of the fortnight’, and it isn’t a porn or dating site. (Psst if you need recommendations for those, just drop me a message!).

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