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November 2023; Dorset UK

Dive a little deeper with the  who you are retreat.

Our retreats are safe, judgement free spaces where we explore the world around us, to discover who we truly are as healthy, pleasurable, sexual beings.

Things won’t change until we do something different.

We believe we’ve brought together a one-of-a-kind space for you. This is discovering who you are, reconnecting with the true you, who you were born to be, by looking at the world around us. We think it is different because we mix the world of wellness with the world of sexuality – they are peas in a pod, part of us all, NEED covering.

01. Exploration

We will explore who you truly are, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Step out of that box, rip off the label, try something new.

02. Discovery

We will share our expert knowledge on health, sexuality, relationships, how they are all intertwined, and discover new things about yourself.

03. Change

Seeing where you can make change, making change together, how you can positively impact your life everyday with a bit of ‘me time’.

What we’ll be doing, the practical information.


ALL the food is included for you throughout the stay. We put together a yummy menu of fresh foods, including meat (unless you tell us otherwise), to best aid in the activities and exploration that we are doing that day.


The accommodation is sharing, two to a room. The space is an amazing house in the Dorset countryside, with plenty of room for us to explore and move, plus comfort during breaks. There is a hot tub, even a swimming pool for our use, to relax and unwind.


This is a mid-week, 3 whole day, 4 night getaway for you. Arriving Monday evening for welcome and dinner, Tues-Thurs our programme of events, and Friday morning home after breakfast. The program will include time for journaling, light exercise, workshops and relaxation.


We can’t wait to meet you! We will be there with you the whole time, supporting and guiding you through the journey towards the True You. Alongside us, we will also be bringing in other expert teachers to guide you, to relax and entertain you.

This retreat and more!

Interested in joining us?

This is the first of many retreats and day events planned for us here at Health & Pleasure! If you are interested in joining us, finding out more, then drop us your details and we’ll get in contact.