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Our Vision, Our Values, All About Us

Health and Pleasure for all, for the best life, discovered in a fun way!

Our CORE values and beliefs

Ever noticed that values tend to be a little wishy washy sometimes. I would expect nothing less from a business who I pay to provide me with the best service, offer incredible customer relations and be innovative. So instead of those, we’ve put together some of our core values and beliefs that are the reason we are here….

We were never truly taught how to be authentic

When we were at school our lives revolved around maths, science, english, history etc. The truths of the world, how to manage stress, how to understand relationships, to listen, to be who we truly are rather than labelled in a box. These lessons were all missing.

Yet knowledge brings empowerment and strengths, allows us to live authentically, with less fear and shame. Passing on this knowledge, in a fun and engaging way, is one of our core values.


When we are children we ask ‘why’ a lot, to the point that parents often asked us to stop (you might even do it to your children).

However, this curiosity, this wonder of how things work and why they work that way, we NEED to get that back. We believe that this state of mind, being curious, makes a massive difference to our lives. Stop living by the masses, ask why, discover your own truths!

your guide should always be the expert

A strong belief of ours is that your guide when you are discovering yourself should have two qualities.

The first, they should have a passion for what they do, which usually means a reason (check our ours below) and secondly, they should be trained in what they are guiding on.

We have not just experienced our lives and decided that we could ‘do this as a business’ we have undertaken 1000s of hours of study, continual study, and learning in our fields.

Meet Vicky

Health, Lifestyle and Fitness Coach, Addiction Eliminator

My goal is to help your body and brain groove, so you can let go of health sabotage and be ALL that you are, instead of pushing to be more than you are.

I want you to let go of shame and guilt around how you look, eat, drink, think and pleasure yourself. Allow freedom and fun.

You can also find me online as the Addiction Eliminator.

Meet Jessica

DESIRE AND INTIMACY COACH, 21st Century Sex Educator, Sex Coach, Sex Positive Coach for Parents

Great mind-blowing sex, deep connective intimacy, waves of desire and ripples of pleasure for ALL is my passion. I’m a huge believer in opening up conversation with our partners, friends, family and community will lead us to healthier relationships.

I want YOU to feel excited for the exploration of the sexual world around you, ridding us of the shame and fear that surrounds the topic of sex. It is time to discover your true sexual self – having some fun and getting wild along the way!

Alongside my work supporting you to dive into your own authentic self, I am also a BIG supporter of Sex Positive Education. The education given to children is not giving them the best foot forward, with social media and access to incorrect and mythical information everywhere, parents have a big role to fill.