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discover the true sexual you

Delve into your sexual self with this 121 session alongside Jess Staniforth.

Something is holding you back from being your true sexual self. That something often evades us, it hides in the dark and needs to be hunted down. That something NEEDS to go, because you deserve MORE!

You’ve been taught to be a certain way, from the nurturing of those around you, from the social narratives we see every day.

I have some bad news – most of what you are holding, the beliefs around sex, relationships, intimacy etc. ARE A LOAD OF CRAP. They are LIES! We believe and live off LIES! They control our actions, stop us giving and receiving pleasure how we want.

One of the most powerful journeys I can take you on is the one of ‘personal discovery’. I’ll be here to ask the hard questions, dig into the truths and together we’ll find out what is holding you back, so you can tackle it head-on.

  • You want sex and intimacy to be satisfying and pleasurable.
  • You want to feel confident in who you are and what you want.
  • You want to make things better for your children, be a role-model and sex positive. 

Then let’s do this!

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Binge Habit Breakthrough

Eliminate need, obsession and compulsion for bingeing in this 121 session alongside Vicky Midwood

Whether its booze or food binges that lead to feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety and frustration, this 90 min intense BREAKTHROUGH SESSION will help you laser focus.

I know what it feels like to be determined to ‘beat it’ yourself and yet…

….the more you promise ‘today’ will be the day you take back control, the more out of control you feel, as you end up repeating the same pattern as yesterday and the day before and the day before that!

Maybe for you it’s NOT a daily thing, but its still happening more than feels good and it’s making you miserable, anxious and/or depressed.

Bingeing affects your mood, your digestive and immune systems making you more likely to suffer anxiety, symptoms of depression and like you are ‘coming down with something ‘ most of the time.

Not only that, it can affect your personal relationships, your work, friendships and finances.

If you feel you have tried ‘everything’ and are still no closer to a solution, jump on this 90 minutes BREAKTHROUGH SESSION and lets break that binge habit once and for all.

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