Foundations of Fitness for Life – Online Course

Are you ‘fit’ for purpose?

What do I mean being ‘Fit for Purpose’?

Are you emotionally, physically, and mentally ‘fit’ to live a happy and fulfilling life while you are on this planet, to evolve and improve the human species?

Many of us are not. We are surviving longer, but with more illness and diseases that may not kill us quickly, like illness and disease of bygone ages did… BUT …. They are affecting our quality of life and that of our loved ones for way longer than those erased diseases did!

I think it’s fantastic that we now able to live longer than ever before and I want to be able function really well in those extra years and enjoy them don’t you?

But that’s not going to happen until you have a really SOLID foundation of health and fitness.

Our brains and our bodies are one!

Humans are always inventing, but many of todays ‘inventions’ are not conducive to great health. They encourage us to move far less and sit for far longer than we have ever done before.

They also mean we have access to so much interesting but contradictory information about any subject you can think of thanks to the world wide web.

It’s no wonder we are CONFUSED about what being ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ really means, we get bombarded with information that it is all about the physical, and rate ourselves on how many times we exercise, how much alcohol we drink, what our BMI is and whether we ate 5 veggies today.

Then just to confuse you even more doctors, medical practitioners, psychotherapist and psychologists, plus society in general separate MENTAL health from health, even though your head is attached to you body and one effects the other profoundly!

So why are the foundations we live by still so rocky, when the information is more freely available?

We live in a world where we live longer, but we are fatter and sicker than ever before! Why is that?

We have been led to believe over and over again that

  • Health is hard
  • Getting fit takes too much time
  • I’ll have to change everything.
  • It’s genetic I can’t do anything about it
  • If I’m ill I can just go to the GP and get it fixed…

Unfortunately, all the above are lies. Lies fed to us by the 4 BIGGEST money making industries globally. The Fitness Industry, The Diet Industry, The Food Manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Because YOU are a customer, and any good business person knows that the the best customer is a REPEAT customer.

Our brains and our bodies are one!

Eat manufactured food that increases lethargy, weight, inflammation and ill health

Go to the GP get a prescription and told to lose weight and exercise.

Sign up to gym or PT (online or in person)

Eat ‘diet’ foods or buy a slimming product.

And we get a result, we might lose some weight, start to feel better, that triggers us to go back to eating ‘normally’, which happens to be those manufactured foods. So the cycle continues … another health issue crops up, another prescription, you decide to try an ‘new’ exercise program or fitness class and buy into a ‘fast weight loss’ product.

You’ve become the ideal repeat customer for all 4 of the money-making business listed above…

It is time to break the cycle … and it all comes down to your foundations….

No prescriptions. No Gym Memberships. No diet foods.

Once you create your robust foundations of fitness for life and continue to maintain them daily (which is easy and not time consuming) you will be in a position to pass them on to your loved ones so we can all look forward to happier, healthier longer lives in the future – together!

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