Health and Pleasure – Peas in a Pod

Be the unique and awesome individual you were always meant to be!

This space is about bringing together the worlds of wellness and health, with sexuality and pleasure – opening up the possibilities! Because Health & Pleasure go together, realising who we are as unique beings, frees us to live the life we truly want – becoming the TRUE YOU!

Join us in this epic journey towards positive and healthy change.

01. Exploration and discovery should be fun and life-changing

The world of health and pleasure can (and should) be a safe, fun world to explore. It is one of our values, to create this space,  sometimes in humorous ways – watch our for our puns!

02. Breaking taboos creates freedom from expectation

Understanding and embracing ourselves means we live authentic lives, that means we can stop following all the social norms, the ‘shoulds and oughts’ that plague us – jump out of the box, and be YOU!

03. Change happens best when we journey together

We’ve personally experienced the best changes by working with others on the same journey, or with guides supporting us along the way. We are here to be your guides, and create a peer group of support.

Coming soon!!!

‘True you’ The membership

Support and encouragement can aid you in making that step to change. We believe that this is a journey, not a one-step, one-time thing. So introducing the ‘True You’ Membership programme. We are building an amazing space with lots of information, daily insights and journaling, live videos from us, expert videos from our peers. Join the list, get notified when we launch, and be ready for our launch event.

No time like the present! While you wait for our membership to launch – What else we do ….

01. Health Topics

Vicky takes you on a journey of health and discovery! You can even watch her Masterclass – Becoming Fabulously FREE, for free right here!

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02. Pleasure Topics

We are not born understanding pleasure, how to give and receive it, so join Jessica to learn more about becoming sexually awakened!

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03. Retreats and Inperson

We LOVE meeting new people and in-person events are great way to delve deeply into who you are.

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